Lab Manager Academy


what is Lab Manager Academy?

The Lab Manager Academy courses provide essential knowledge and training to lab managers. In the online training curriculum, you can take individual lab management courses, or sign up for track-level certificates that will sharpen your existing leadership and management skills and either prepare you for taking on a lab manager role, or improve your ability to succeed in your current lab manager role.

Lab Manager Certificate

The full lab management certificate is intended to support existing and potential lab managers with training in a wide variety of leadership and management skills. The program will consist of 20 eLearning courses offered in four tracks. The first track will be available December 1, 2021. The subsequent tracks will be completed in the winter and spring of 2022. Registrants for the full certificate program will gain access to the subsequent courses as they are available. Those completing the entire program will earn a full lab management certificate.

Lab Management Tracks

Lab managers need a range of leadership and management skills to be effective in their role. Specific lab management tracks can be completed in lab leadership, lab management, lab operations, and people management. Each track consists of five self-paced, online courses, which contain a lecture video, supporting slides, activities to practice the skills, interactive elements, and a short quiz at the end. Each track will benefit existing and potential lab managers. Completion of a set of five courses will earn a track certificate.

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Individual Courses

These lab manager training courses are designed to provide the specific knowledge needed to become proficient at a wide range of different management and leadership activities required from most lab managers. Individual lab manager courses are a good alternative to the certificate or category programs for experienced lab managers who need a little training in some specific areas, and want to investigate the courses individually. Each course is available online, containing a lecture video, supporting slides, activities to practice the skills, interactive elements, and a short quiz at the end.

Note: Each course is also included in full certificate programs and should be purchased as part of a certificate program if your goal is to receive a certification.

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