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Lab Manager Academy is your premier destination for comprehensive knowledge and training tailored for laboratory managers. Our platform consolidates essential resources, enabling you to enhance your lab leadership, safety, and management skills. Within the Academy, you can take individual courses, enroll in a stream of related courses, or sign up for a full certificate program. Whether you are aspiring to become a lab manager or aiming to excel in your current role, our diverse range of courses and programs are designed to meet your specific needs.

Our Mission

At Lab Manager Academy, our mission is to provide cutting-edge learning tools for the training and development of laboratory managers, leaders, and staff. Delivered by industry leaders and subject matter experts, our resources cover a wide spectrum of technical, leadership, safety, and management topics crucial to the success of any laboratory.

Why Lab Manager Academy?

Our Journey

Launched in 2021, Lab Manager Academy is committed to becoming a trusted educational provider for lab managers, safety officers, and technicians. Our vision includes expanding to cover crucial knowledge and training materials related to academic safety, compliance, crisis preparation, product training, and consulting.

Bridging the Gap

Many laboratory managers start as bench scientists, equipped with the skills for groundbreaking research. However, traditional scientific programs often overlook the essential skills needed to effectively manage a lab. Lab Manager Academy addresses this gap, offering unparalleled insights and training.

Comprehensive Approach

Lab Manager is the only publication specifically focused on all aspects of running a lab. From ensuring compliance with health and safety standards to budgeting, hiring and retaining staff, managing people, designing and furnishing labs, to choosing the right technologies – we cover it all.

We provide the guidance lab managers need to run their labs effectively, treating it like a business. Whether through our Academy, print magazine, digital offerings, webinars, videos, or live events, Lab Manager ensures that managers find the advice and support they need to be strong leaders in their labs.

Explore Lab Manager Academy today and empower yourself with the knowledge and skills essential for success in laboratory management.

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Key people contributing to the Lab Manager Academy include:

  • Scott Hanton – editorial director 
  • Cayley Thomas – program manager
  • Danielle Gibbons and Alisha Vroom – Art Department
  • Roger Blanchard and Michael Bryson – Video Department
  • Jeff Jones – IT
  • Michelle Mizerski – instructional designer
  • Lauren Everett – managing editor
  • Trevor Henderson – creative services director
  • Ken Piech – VP Lab Products Group

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