How to Be a Better Lab Leader
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How to Be a Better Lab Leader

Elevate your laboratory management skills with Lab Manager Academy's How to Be A Better Lab Leader stream credential. This comprehensive program consists of five courses designed to empower lab managers in creating a successful culture, fostering employee engagement, understanding personality types, mastering positive communication, and effectively managing conflicts within the lab environment.

What is this stream credential about?

  • Creating an Environment of Success: This course shows lab managers how to use their leadership skills to ensure that the lab provides a supportive community to drive success. Within this supportive environment, the lab manager needs to provide for the basic needs of the individual staff members.
  • Employee Engagement: This course will help lab managers understand the benefits of engagement and how to accomplish it. Since a large portion of leadership involves dealing with people and the issues that can arise between them, the next three courses focus on different aspects of people interactions.
  • Understanding Personality Types: This course will demonstrate the range of different healthy personalities, how that diversity is beneficial to the lab, and how to recognize and address issues driven by different perspectives in the lab.
  • Positive Communication: This course will teach lab managers the benefits of using positive communication skills to better deliver their messages and build stronger relationships with staff.
  • Conflict Management and Resolution: This course will help lab managers identify the sources of conflict and how to address these situations with grace and confidence.

Who is this stream credential for?

The How to Be a Better Lab Leader stream is tailored for lab managers seeking to enhance their leadership skills and create a supportive environment for their teams. Whether you're a seasoned lab manager or aspiring to take on leadership roles, this stream provides valuable insights to excel in your position.

What are the benefits of this stream credential?

By completing Lab Manager Academy's How to Be A Better Lab Leader stream, you'll gain essential skills in leadership, employee engagement, understanding personality dynamics, positive communication, and conflict management. These skills are crucial for fostering a successful lab culture and advancing your career in laboratory management.

What do I get out of completing this stream credential?

Upon completion, you'll not only earn a valuable credential from Lab Manager Academy but also gain practical insights and strategies to implement immediately in your role. As an IACET Accredited Provider, Lab Manager Academy offers IACET CEUs for its learning events, further enhancing the recognition and value of your achievement.

How long do the courses take to complete?

Each course in the How to Be A Better Lab Leader stream is designed to be completed in approximately 60 minutes. The entire stream credential, comprising five courses, can be accomplished in approximately five hours.

What is the format of the courses?

Courses are entirely online, offering the flexibility to be completed anywhere, anytime. Lab Manager Academy understands the demands of your role, and this program is designed to fit seamlessly into your schedule.

Who is the Instructor?

Meet Scott Hanton, PhD, the instructor for this program. Scott is the editorial director at Lab Manager and the leader of the Lab Manager Academy. He spent 30 years working in industrial chemistry labs, with 20 years as a lab manager. He had roles of general manager, laboratory operations manager, and chief scientist for Intertek Allentown. Previously, he held the positions of research scientist, laboratory supervisor, and section manager at Air Products & Chemicals. Through these different roles, Scott developed expertise in polymer mass spectrometry, analytical characterization, people leadership, and business management. He earned a BS in Chemistry from Michigan State University and a PhD in Physical Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Scott is an active member of ACS, ASMS, and ALMA.

What is Lab Manager Academy?

Lab Manager Academy provides a wide array of courses for lab managers and safety managers, offering essential knowledge and training on a variety of topics. In our online curriculum, you can choose individual courses, opt for stream-level credentials, or pursue a full certificate program to enhance your leadership and safety management skills. Whether you're already a lab manager, safety officer, or technician—or you're aspiring to be one—our certificate programs will empower you to manage safer, more secure, and highly productive laboratory environments. As an IACET Accredited Provider, Lab Manager Academy ensures that its learning events comply with the ANSI/IACET Continuing Education and Training Standard, guaranteeing a standard of excellence.

Ready to elevate your lab leadership skills? Enroll in the How to Be A Better Lab Leader stream today and take the next step toward a successful and fulfilling career in laboratory management.

Curriculum content

  • Instructor: Scott Hanton Elevate your lab's performance by prioritizing your staff's well-being and engagement. In today's fast-paced world, organizations are realizing the pivotal role of employee satisfaction in achieving remarkable outcomes. Join us in this transformative online course, led by industry expert Scott Hanton, to unleash the full potential of your team. What is this course about? In Employee Engagement and Well-Being , we delve into the indispensable connection between a thriving workforce and exceptional lab performance. Through dynamic modules and interactive discussions, you'll gain actionable insights into fostering a culture of engagement and well-being within your organization. What are the benefits of this course? Harnessing the Power of Thriving Staff: Discover the myriad benefits derived from nurturing a flourishing workforce and the direct impact on your lab's success. Cultivating Organizational Well-Being: Uncover strategies to enhance the overall well-being of your organization, fostering a positive and productive work environment. Creating Emotional and Psychological Safety: Learn to implement essential practices that cultivate emotional and psychological safety within your lab, fostering trust and collaboration. Meeting Key Staff Needs: Identify and address the fundamental needs of your staff, including positive relationships, clear expectations, recognition, feedback, skill development, and more, to enhance employee engagement and performance. What are the learning outcomes of this course? Identify the benefits from a thriving staff and employee engagement, Recognize ways to improve organizational well-being, Recognize ways to implement emotional, and psychological safety in the lab, Identify the key staff needs for employee engagement. Are you ready to revolutionize your lab's performance by prioritizing the well-being and engagement of your staff? Enroll now and embark on a transformative journey toward a more productive, harmonious, and successful laboratory environment.
    • Lesson Employee Engagement and Well-Being

  • Instructor: Scott Hanton Are you a lab manager striving to navigate through the maze of conflicts with finesse and efficacy? Conflict resolution is not just a skill; it's a strategic asset crucial for maintaining harmony and productivity in any laboratory setting. Welcome to our dynamic online course, where we delve deep into the art and science of Conflict Management and Resolution . What is this course about? In this course, you'll embark on a transformative journey to master the art of conflict resolution in the laboratory environment. From understanding the significance of healthy conflict to implementing proven strategies for de-escalation and collaboration, you'll emerge equipped with invaluable insights and practical skills to navigate through conflicts with confidence and finesse. What are the benefits of this course? Unlock the Power of Healthy Conflict: Discover the myriad benefits of embracing healthy conflict within your lab environment. Learn how conflict can serve as a catalyst for innovation and creativity, driving your team towards new heights of success. Masterful Conflict De-escalation: Develop the skills to defuse tensions and steer conflicts towards mutually beneficial solutions. Through proven behavioral techniques, you'll learn to foster an atmosphere of calm, support, and curiosity, paving the way for constructive dialogue and resolution. Navigate with Facts, Not Blame: Understand the importance of basing conflict resolution on facts rather than emotions. Explore how adopting a data-driven approach can mitigate blame and lead to more effective problem-solving and decision-making processes. Cultivate a Culture of Collaboration: Implement key characteristics of lab culture that foster cooperation and minimize unhealthy conflicts. From fostering open communication channels to promoting a culture of respect and understanding, you'll learn to cultivate an environment where conflicts are opportunities for growth rather than sources of tension. What are the learning outcomes of this course? List the benefits of healthy conflict Describe how healthy conflict can be a source of innovation and creativity Demonstrate behaviors that will de-escalate conflict and lead to mutually beneficial solutions Explain the benefits of following the facts to solve issues, rather than emotionally blaming people Implement some characteristics of lab culture that will reduce unhealthy conflicts Don't let conflict hinder your lab's potential. Enroll now and unlock the transformative power of effective conflict management and resolution. Your journey towards a more harmonious and innovative laboratory environment starts here.
  • Instructor: Scott Hanton In today's fast-paced world, good communication isn't just desirable—it's indispensable. Whether you're a seasoned lab manager or aspiring to lead with confidence, this course will empower you to harness the full potential of communication to foster stronger relationships, enhance collaboration, and drive success in your laboratory. What is this course about? Effective communication lies at the heart of successful leadership, especially in laboratory management. In "Positive Communication," you'll discover the transformative power of clear, empathetic, and constructive interaction. Led by seasoned instructor Scott Hanton, this course delves into the essential components of positive communication, equipping you with the tools to excel as a lab manager and cultivate stronger relationships within your team. What are the benefits of this course? Master the Seven C's of Communication: Unlock the secrets to crafting clear, concise, and compelling messages that resonate with your audience and drive meaningful action. Enhance Your Active Listening Skills: Discover the transformative power of active listening and learn practical techniques to become a more attentive and empathetic communicator. Implement Positive Communication Strategies: Gain insights into the importance of positivity in communication and learn how to cultivate a culture of positivity within your lab environment. Understand the Six Components of Positive Communication: Explore the core elements of positive communication and learn how to integrate them seamlessly into your interactions to inspire trust, collaboration, and innovation. What are the learning outcomes of this course? Utilize the seven C’s of communication Describe the importance of active listening and some ways to improve this important skill Recognize the importance of positive communication and be able to implement it around the lab Explain the six components of positive communication Enroll now and embark on a transformative journey toward becoming a more influential and effective leader. Whether you're a seasoned lab manager or aspiring to step into a leadership role, this course is your gateway to mastering the art of positive communication and driving unparalleled success in the lab. Don't miss out on this opportunity to unlock your full potential – enroll today and revolutionize your approach to communication in lab management!
  • Instructor: Scott Hanton Are conflicts brewing in your lab? Do misunderstandings among staff hinder productivity? It's time to delve deep into the fascinating world of personality types and revolutionize the way you manage interpersonal dynamics in your laboratory. What is this course about? In the dynamic environment of a laboratory, understanding the intricacies of personality types is not just advantageous—it's essential. Personality differences often lie at the heart of interpersonal conflicts in lab settings. This course delves into the fundamental principles of personality types, equipping lab managers and staff with the tools needed to address conflicts effectively and foster a harmonious work environment. Led by seasoned instructor Scott Hanton, this course offers a transformative journey towards improved understanding and conflict resolution in the lab. What are the benefits of this course? Unveiling the 16 Personalities: Dive into the renowned Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) framework and unravel the intricacies of the 16 distinct personality types. From the outgoing "Entertainers" to the analytical "Architects," you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of the spectrum of human personalities. Decoding the MBTI Pairs: Master the art of deciphering the four fundamental MBTI pairs—Extraversion vs. Introversion, Intuition vs. Sensing, Thinking vs. Feeling, and Judging vs. Perceiving. Learn how these pairs shape individuals' perceptions, interactions, and decision-making processes. Harnessing Temperaments for Insight: Explore how MBTI temperaments offer profound insights into the behavioral patterns of your lab staff. By recognizing prevalent temperaments, you'll uncover valuable strategies to foster collaboration, communication, and mutual understanding. Distinguishing Preferences from Skills: Understand the critical distinction between personality preferences and skillsets. Discover why pigeonholing individuals based on personality types is a fallacy and learn to appreciate the diverse strengths each team member brings to the table. Applying Personality Insights to Conflict Resolution: Equip yourself with practical tools and techniques to navigate conflicts effectively in the laboratory setting. By integrating personality type knowledge into conflict resolution strategies, you'll steer conversations towards objective problem-solving, transcending individual differences. What are the learning outcomes of this course? Identify the 16 different Myers Briggs Type Index, or MBTI, types Explain the differences between the four MBTI pairs: E/I, N/S, T/F, and P/J Use the MBTI temperaments to gain insight into how lab staff behave Demonstrate the difference between preferences and skills Identify how to apply personality type information to improve conflict resolution in the lab Embark on a transformative journey towards fostering inclusivity, understanding, and effective collaboration within your lab. Whether you're a lab manager seeking to enhance team dynamics or a staff member striving for personal growth, this course equips you with the indispensable tools to thrive in today's diverse work landscape. Enroll now and embark on a journey towards unlocking the full potential of your lab team! Together, let's pave the way for a brighter, more harmonious future.
  • Instructor: Scott Hanton Are you ready to revolutionize your lab's culture and drive unprecedented success? In today's dynamic work landscape, the environment you foster is the cornerstone of achievement. Introducing Creating an Environment of Success led by esteemed instructor Scott Hanton. This transformative course empowers lab managers like you to wield unparalleled influence in shaping a culture primed for triumph. What is this course about? Gone are the days of stagnant work environments. As a lab manager, you possess the power to mold a culture of innovation, collaboration, and excellence. Creating an Environment of Success unveils the secrets to cultivating a workplace where both the lab and its people thrive. Through strategic insights and actionable techniques, you'll discover how to harness the pivotal elements that fuel success. What are the benefits of this course? Cultivate a Positive Work Culture: Recognize and implement strategies to foster emotional safety, shared vulnerability, and a compelling sense of purpose within your lab. Master Active Listening: Harness the transformative potential of active listening as a cornerstone leadership tool to enhance communication and collaboration. Empower Staff Development: Clarify the importance of nurturing independence and ownership among your lab staff to cultivate a culture of innovation and accountability. Optimize Staff Development: Leverage targeted staff development initiatives to maximize individual and collective performance, driving continuous improvement in your lab. Prioritize Customer Focus: Understand the pivotal role of customer-centricity in driving success for your lab, and learn how to embed a customer-focused mindset throughout your organization. What are the learning outcomes of this course? Recognize ways to develop a positive work culture for the lab focused on emotional safety, shared vulnerability, and purpose Implement active listening as a key leadership tool Clarify the value of developing independence and ownership in the lab staff Utilize staff development to improve the lab Explain the benefits of being customer focused to the lab Enroll now and embark on a journey toward creating an environment where success thrives, one where innovation flourishes, and teams reach their full potential. Don't settle for mediocrity—empower your lab for greatness today!