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Radiation Health and Safety

Radiation is a complex and technical topic. This course covers the various types of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, how they differ, and their effects. There are several types of ionizing radiation with significant health effects. It requires greater means of control, including time, distance, and shielding and the concept of ALARA or “as low as reasonably achievable.” Nonionizing radiation also presents risks, mostly to the eyes and skin. The controls needed are focused on our outer bodies and are less complex.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Compare and contrast ionizing and nonionizing radiation effects,
  • List the types of ionizing radiation and describe their effects,
  • Explain the different ionizing controls, including time-distance-shielding,
  • List the types of nonionizing radiation and describe their effects,
  • Explain the different nonionizing controls, including eye and skin protection.
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Course content

    • Introduction
    • Radiation Health, Safety, and the People
    • Radiation Types
    • Hazard Control Measures
    • Quiz