Lab Safety / Lab Safety Management Certificate

Risk Management and Mitigation

Once we’ve decided we have significant risk and assessed it properly, we need to determine some suitable and adequate means to mitigate or reduce our risks. As we detailed in our Technical Topics stream of courses, the hierarchy of controls is the primary means by which we decide how and in what order to implement hazard control methods. We always want to control the hazard, as much as possible, before it reaches us. Hint: PPE isn’t at the top of the order.

Learning Outcomes:

  • List the steps of the hierarchy of controls in order,
  • Explain why PPE is so important given its relative position in the hierarchy,
  • Describe the uses of isolation and work practices as two levels that don’t always appear in the hierarchy,
  • List at least three benefits of collaborating to help implement hazard controls,
  • Describe how a multi-disciplinary team helps develop more effective approaches.
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Course content

    • Introduction
    • Risk Management and the People
    • Risk Mitigation and Control
    • Quiz