Lab Safety / Culture of Safety

Safety Culture

Instructor: Jonathan Klane

Embark on a transformative journey into the heart of workplace safety with our dynamic online course, Safety Culture. Led by industry expert Jonathan Klane, this course goes beyond mere protocols and regulations to delve into the very essence of safety practices within organizations.

What is this course about?

Safety culture isn't just about ticking boxes—it's about fostering a mindset, a way of being that prioritizes the wellbeing of every individual within your organization. From understanding the core concepts of culture and safety to examining the profound impact of leadership, this course equips you with the knowledge and tools to champion safety within your organization.

What are the benefits of this course?

  • Define Culture and Safety Culture: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the concepts of culture, safety culture, and a culture of safety.
  • Explore Safety Leadership: Discover how effective safety leadership influences and shapes safety culture within organizations.
  • Distinguish Compliance vs. Culture-Driven Approaches: Compare and contrast the limitations of compliance-driven approaches with the transformative power of culture-driven safety measures.
  • Uncover Benefits of Safety Culture: Identify and articulate at least four tangible benefits that arise from fostering a strong safety culture within your organization.
  • Implement Change: Learn strategies and defend the necessary efforts required to impact and nurture a positive safety culture within your workplace.

What are the learning outcomes of this course?

  • Describe what culture, safety culture, and a culture of safety mean
  • Explain how safety leadership affects safety culture
  • Compare and contrast compliance vs. culture-driven approaches
  • List at least four benefits of safety culture
  • Defend the efforts needed to impact safety culture

Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools needed to revolutionize safety practices within your organization. Whether you're a seasoned safety professional or a budding leader looking to enhance workplace well-being, this course offers practical insights and actionable strategies to elevate safety standards.

Don't just meet safety standards; exceed them. Enroll now and embark on a transformative journey towards creating a safer, healthier, and more resilient workplace environment for all.

Join us today and lead the charge towards a safer tomorrow!

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Course content

    • Introduction
    • Definition of Safety Culture
    • Exploring Safety Culture
    • Quiz