How to Be a Better Lab Leader

Conflict Management and Resolution

Conflict resolution is a very important skill for lab managers to have because conflict resolution can be difficult and frustrating. Finding the facts and following a data-driven conflict resolution process are behaviors the lab manager can demonstrate to enable better conflict resolution. There is much to be gained with calm, kind, supportive, curious, healthy debate. Finding win/win outcomes can create cooperation out of enmity.

Learning Outcomes:

  • List the benefits of healthy conflict,
  • Describe how healthy conflict can be a source of innovation and creativity,
  • Demonstrate behaviors that will de-escalate conflict and lead to mutually beneficial solutions,
  • Explain the benefits of following the facts to solve issues, rather than emotionally blaming people,
  • Implement some characteristics of lab culture that will reduce unhealthy conflicts.
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Course content

    • Introduction
    • Common Causes of Conflict
    • Conflict Management
    • Leadership Behaviors to Improve Conflict Resolution
    • Techniques to Improve Conflict Resolution
    • Summary
    • Quiz