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Lab Safety Management Certificate

The Lab Safety Management Certificate will provide the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to make it easier to manage the safety of your lab(s).

The Lab Safety Management Certificate program:

  • teaches learners how to mitigate risks, improve safety culture, and manage your lab’s EHS systems
  • consists of three streams: Technical Safety Topics, Risk, and Culture of Safety
  • features 12 self-paced courses with lecture videos, supporting slides, skill-testing activities, interactive elements, and a short quiz

Each course is a stand-alone class with no required prerequisites and courses can be taken in any order. Completing all 12 courses will earn the Lab Safety Management Certificate.

Stream #1: Technical Safety Topics and its four courses are available now.

The remaining two streams and 8 courses will roll out throughout 2023. Registrants for the certificate program gain access to the subsequent courses as they are available.

$949 $825

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